It is precisely the name of the company that evokes the main concept of Laboratorio Mariucci, or the rebirth in a modern key of the workshops of the past, through real workshops where skilled artisans give life to magnificent creations. This allows Laboratorio Mariucci to control the entire production process and to offer you the best services so that your product is always impeccable.

  • Since 2012, Laboratorio Mariucci has enabled a large audience to possess a genuine leather product, characterised by all beauty and style of the authentic "Made in Italy”.

  • the collections

    Laboratorio Mariucci introduces its new collections twice a year, during the most important industry events. Each season is marked by a more innovative line, in step with the latest trends if you want something fashionable, and a classic line for those who love timeless products.

  • the products

    Laboratorio Mariucci offers you a wide selection of handbags, shopping bags, shoulder bags, clutch bags, backpacks as well as a wide range of accessories consisting of wallets and key cases, all handmade and in Italian genuine leather. Each collection presents models and colours ready to amaze you and make you fall in love with its pure Italian style.

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